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      Contribution to the Cultural Club "La Cicogna"

      The editorial office of takes note, with great pleasure, of the resolution N. 135 of August 19th 2003 with which the Municipal Council of Lacedonia deliberated, with unanimous vote, the supply of an economic contribute in favor of the Cultural Club "La Cicogna".

      Being the core of the Association, such contribution is more than welcome, it’s indeed of prime importance to the maintenance and the management of the site itself.

      Special thanks go to the Mayor, Dr. Palladino Gerardo, who is always attentive and shares with the problems concerning the management of the information displayed on Internet, also regarding the development and employing of new computer technologies and the users interactions with the Municipal Administration.

      We also consider that, in the Administrative Program, it’s expected the circulation of information regarding culture, traditions and up-to-date administrative activities through the virtual community.

      So, the editorial office of "" is committed to favor, more and more, the interaction between citizens, residing here or not, with the Municipal Administration.

      This is accomplished by publishing documents and news useful to the population and capable of promoting Lacedonia, with the hope that through the pages of all the "Lacedonians" can actively participate in their town’s life.

      Besides the Municipal Administration of Lacedonia who is the main supporter of our website; we give special thanks to all the other sponsors who, by choosing our pages for their advertising, allowed the purchase of the latest software and hardware, very indispensable for a better quality of our service.

      It’s our pleasure to mention them all:


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              panificio Umberto


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              onoranze funebri Rocco D’Errico

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