Lacedonianews Archivio Anno 2006

Colloquy:  Lacedonia’s tri-monthly Franciscan Community    magazine.


“Colloquy” is the name of Lacedonia’s tri-monthly Franciscan Community magazine, which, every three months, is updated for all the inhabitants of Lacedonia, and those who live abroad, with all our small community’s religious and social news.

Professor Matteo Graniero is the Magazine’s founder, publisher and chief who has been living for decades in Genoa, but known and appreciated by everybody in Lacedonia, where he has still got his family and, it’s also his summer vacation place.

Co-publisher to the prevalently religious magazine is Father Franco Pepe who, even if he is no more part of the clergy in Lacedonia (he is now Minister of the Franciscan Order for the Province), he is an unforgettable figure for all the small town’s youths and general community.

To have “Colloquy” home and read it is almost a duty for the true inhabitant of Lacedonia, and, support and publicity for this magazine is, almost, a must from which, we’re sure, nobody will say no.

Our hope is that similar activities will continue to exist and, maybe, increase in number for the sake of all those who “love” Lacedonia.

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