Lacedonianews Archivio Anno 2006

From India to Lacedonia

Dear Lacedonians,

this greetings are not only for the residents who we have already had the pleasure to know and appreciate, but also to all those who live all over Italy and all over the world.

We'll introduce ourselves immediately.

We are two young priests who came from India, our destination: Lacedonia.
Our names are:

Father Giuseppe Geison Kizhakel and Father Giuseppe Boben Kollapallil.

We are here for the spiritual care of the parish of "Santa Maria Della Cancellata", and we are guests of the "San Carlo da Sezze" monastery, in Corso Augustale, 209.

We belong to the new Institute "Araldi della Buona Novella" (Heralds of Good News). It's a religious movement born in India in 1984 only; it's purpose is to help dioceses and parishes who need the most help. It all started with the initiative inspired by the founder, Reverend Dr. Jose Kaimlett H.G.N.

At the beginning there were only four priests and two students;now, with the help of our Lord, we can already count 151 priests and 700 students.
We assure our service, also in various Italian dioceses, with 24 priests.

We are in Lacedonia, for the strong interest shown byM.R.P. Franco Pepe, minister of the province O.F.M., in Benevento, and with the permission given by our founding father.
We were welcomed really well by the Bishop of the diocese, S.E.M. Gennaro Pascarella and the clergy.

And now, here we are already working.
Even if we have some difficulties, above all, the Italian tongue (who better than an immigrant knows it?), we are "glad in the hope" to be able to help this community to grow in their Faith in Christ's Charity and the brothers.

The "Heralds of the Good News" are priests who serve God anywhere it's needed, with the maximum extent of availability and full joy. And it's what we want to do with you, who welcomed us with great warmth, with acknowledgement and delightful generosity.

You made sure we had everything we needed!
For all you did, we thank you with all our hearts.

Christmas 2002 is getting close, and we take advantage of such occasion, to say to every family and everybody, that they may spend their Holidays in serenity, peace and love, MERRY CHRISTMAS!

  The Heralds of the Good News

F. Giuseppe Geison Kizhakel and F.Giuseppe Boben Kollapallil


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