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Episcopal Museum San Gerardo Majella

The museum gathers a vast assortment of plaques:  from the Episcopal coat of arms to the monolithic architectural structures made out of granite or stones from Irpinia.

Columnsí bases and capitals demonstrate the evidence of a respectable past; and more displays of tombstones engraved with phrases in Latin and Osco, and ceramic and metal exhibits.

The impressive Library, adjacent to the Museum, gathers about nine thousand volumes, its heritage immensely enriched by the presence of thirty-six tomes from the 1500, countless ones from the 1600 and 108 parchments of high-medieval period.

The famous triptych credited to Antoniazzo da Romano is kept in the same area, made to order by Ferrante I DíAragona in the Fifteenth century.

Lacedoniaís Episcopal Building rests, restored after 1930ís earthquake, on the New Episcopal one that might have already been there before the 1500;  the building was restored by Bishop De Dura  (1500- 1538, so itís written on Palmeseís manuscript, kept in the Episcopal Archives). 

The Old Episcopal Building, not to be confused with the above-mentioned New, was located in Vico S. Nicola during the first centuries of the dioceses. 

The remaining part of the building, whose front faces Piazza De Sanctis, was widened and used as a Seminary in 1557 { Palmese page 2A}.

Here San Gerardo Majella lived for three years (1741-1744) as Bishop Aliniís servant.

First potography
Leone G.
Pappacota castle
From India
Ponte Tresa
Old measuring
Montevaccaro castle


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