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Giuseppe Leone: a man from Lacedonia to be proud of.

Giuseppe Leone, which everybody knows him better as Peppino, is one of those man that make us feel proud to be from this town.

44 years old, he is a layman, member of the Pope John XXIII Society, he has left his country of origin to volunteer and help the so many people that, on this planet, live in poor conditions, neglected and feel inadequate in their society.

His vocation, after years of experience in a rehab center in Rimini helping people to overcome drug addiction, brought him to Brazil, where he decided to live permanently and formed a group with two other partners to help their local community.

So, even in Brazil (to be more specific, in the town of Coronel Fabriciano, a small town with a population of about 120.000 inhabitants, about 200 km from Bel Horizonte, the capital of Minas Gerais State) our friend is committed, together with other volunteers, to help boys and girls to exit the dark tunnel of drug addiction, helping them not only to cleanse their bodies from the drugs, but also helping them to rediscover their self-esteem so that, at the completion of their rehabilitating, therapeutic program, they can return to be part of the Brazilian society.

Peppino, in fact, is responsible for the “Pizzaria do Bomsamaritano” Project, a real pizzeria which, besides being economically autonomous and being a volunteer project, it also offers a job position with full pay to all those who complete their rehab program.

Peppino also settle down in Brazil. In fact, he married Marly Soares Cirilo, she is Brazilian, 31 years old and teaches in pre-school (Kindergarten). And they also had a child they named Cristian.

Together they decided to build their home in one of the poorer areas of their town, where violence and prostitution are easily caused by poverty.

Thanks to Peppino’s parents’ help, Marly realized her dream: to create an educational-recreational space for children in need, with the purpose of bringing a warm Christian presence in a reality made of suffering and neglect.

The children ‘s age ranges between 3 and 6 years old. Now they are a total of 59 children, girls and boys.

The Leones would like to help more children but now they reached their limit and they need our help to make the Educational Center bigger and more functional and welcoming.

Think that to guarantee food every day for the entire length of the school year and the study material for 60 children, they need just 1800 Euro, basically, 3 million and half lire.

If anyone wants to help the Leones with this project named “Escola Infantil Espaco Criativo”, they can send donations to:

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Giuseppe Leone

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Following are the pictures that we publish to show the Leone’s great work.