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Pappacoda Castle

In 1496, the King of Naples, Frederick of Aragon,  invested Ferdinando Pappacoda, his most valiant knight, with the fief of Lacedonia, who, in 1500, built this castle with three towers in the area west of the town; he called it New castle, to distinguish it from the older one that belonged to the Orsini Family.
Originally it was used as a real stronghold, fortified with battlements, openings for cannons, paths for rounds, slits, moats and underground passages.
In the past centuries it was often damaged by earthquakes and so it was often restored and modified, particularly the front side's interior and exterior, and almost the whole upper floors.
Nevertheless it still has all its battlements on the South tower, lots of slits and the old well.
Ferdinando dwelt there until he died in Lacedonia with his wife, Cornelia D'Accio.
In the Prince's documents, so as in those of his sons Baldassarre and then Ferrante,  who lived in the castle too, we read "Datum ex Castro Aquiloniae".
The Pappacoda Family had no further heirs and  a devout nun inherited the fief, she resided in the Pietrasanta Monastery in Naples and she sold it, toghether with the Rocchetta and Candela Castles, to Andrea Doria Panfili, Prince of Genoa, ca.1700. He enjoyed saying "Lacedonia always sings; Rocchetta always spins; Candela is always bright".
When the feudalism was abolished, this Castle was purchased by the Onorato Family and recorded in the urban properties register.
Now, since it 's located in the center of our town, it appears very austere.

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