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It's very delicious pastry, typical of the Christmas traditions in Lacedonia.
The mixture inside of it, according to our ancestor's recipes, was made out of garbanzo beans flour, the beans could be either roasted or boiled and the choice between the two methods depended upon the family financial situation.
Roasted beans were brought to a mill, where a stone wheel transformed them in flour.
This operation was performed by some guy who, of course, expected money in return for his work.
Those who couldn't afford it, boiled the beans for a long period of time and then they used a strainer to separate the skin from the pulp and put the latter in a terrine.
The following ingredients were added to the garbanzo beans flour (either roasted or boiled):
Sugar, Honey, Boiled Wine, Cocoa, Grated Chocolate, Grapes Marmalade, Carnation Seeds, Cinnamon, Tangerine Skin (grated and minced).
The mixture had to be consistent to avoid that it came out of its shell while cooking it.
The shell was made out of corn flour, whole eggs, sugar, white wine, lard or oil.
Its dough was kneaded until it reached a desired consistency, then it was thinned using a rolling pin until it formed a round "sheet".
Here the mixture was placed in the middle of this round sheet which was folded on itself and cut with a toothed pastry wheel forming small pastry in the shape of ravioli.
This pastry was baked in a straw oven, all aligned in rectangular baking pans which the women easily carried on their heads.
The calzoncelli were served on the table towards the end of Christmas dinners and could be eaten just that way or garnished with melted honey and minced almonds.
Nowadays, calzoncelli are still the traditional Christmas pastry in Lacedonia, but in the mixture, a main ingredient has changed, the garbanzo beans flour has been replaced by flour made out of boiled chestnuts.



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