Lacedonianews Archivio Anno 2006

   Val Tuscano  

Thursday May 9th, at 6:30 p.m., the grand opening of Antonio Pignatiello’s new rural tourism business “ValTuscano” is expected. He is a young and smart entrepreneur from Lacedonia who, with great inventiveness, completed a project which resulted exceedingly helpful for our community: he gave our town a structure able to “attract” tourists and guests from all over Italy, offering them high quality attractions.

Professional employees, on every aspect of the reception (i.e. culinary), operate the residential complex, which has high quality structures, among them, a beautiful pool (also a covered one), soccer fields, tennis courts, a gym, a Spa and, shortly, also horse rides.

A real heaven for those who love nature, who can have a nice relaxing time, among Irpinia’s green hills, but a dynamic vacation at the same time, playing tennis, swimming in the pool and achieving body fitness in the gym.

Surrounded by nature and calm, Val Tuscano offers the possibility to discover Irpinia’s nature, weather and local cuisine with its production of oil, wine, salami, game, cheese, vegetables, seasonal fruit and more.

The guests’ rooms are 20 in total (14 double and 6 singles) and very comfortable, with phone and tv and evocative views.

The restaurant area is large (150 seats) and elegantly furnished with country style.

ValTuscano has also its own website:, recently activated and updated often in all its small details, which offers the visitors, detailed information and pictures depicting the beauty of the resort and the nature that surrounds it.

Once again a new idea shows up, demonstrating that courage and strength of will are not lacking in our spirit; we hope that it will open a path to new experiences that will keep the inhabitants of Lacedonia, more and more, in their hometown.

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