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First Photography Exhibit "Town of Lacedonia"

Sunday, March 31 2002, in the rooms of the Museum of S.Gerardo Maiella, whose availability was kindly provided by our local Diocese, the Cultural Club "la Cicogna" ("the Stork"), has realized the first edition of a photography exhibit sponsored by the monthly magazine "il Fotografo" ("the Photographer") and the "Minolta" Company.

The topic of the exhibit was: "the four elements: air, water, fire and earth.

The works, 51 in total, arrived here from many Italian cities, (Pisa, Reggio Calabria, Modena,Genova, Vicenza, ecc...), in fact it was a national level competition, even if, of course, most of the competitors were local amateurs. Some pictures enhanced their authors' skills and passion, that using particular "shots" and evocative images, they were able to create real works of art.

It wasn’t easy for the judges, among them also the Mayor of Lacedonia, to choose the winning picture, even if, at the end, they all together voted in favor of a picture titled “Radici” (“Roots”) by A. Pignatiello, local artist, who with a refined technique and an unusual framing, he realized an unusual and suggestive image of our town, using his personal techniques, and focusing on a tree in the foreground, he made a beautiful postcard of our town’s landscape.

At the second place, we find an author from Genoa who displayed a picture that was picked because of a play of light and colors. The third picture is an image taken in Sardinia’s intact environment by E. Vigorita, from Lacedonia, who has been living and working on the island for years.

Naturally, besides those who received an award, we thank all the participants who displayed pictures that were so nice, it was hard not to vote them.

In the end, the exhibit was a great success, we had more than 500 visitors (lots of people for a small town), which demonstrates that, whenever we organize something new, the inhabitants of Lacedonia  (“Lacedonians”), always respond in a positive manner.

It was Easter Sunday and between a stroll in the square and Sunday Mass, the Exhibit was a nice diversion, which linked artistic photography to the Museum of S. Gerardo Maiella. An interesting, well maintained museum that has never been appreciated and appropriately exploited.



First potography
Leone G.
Pappacota castle
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