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between Lacedonia and Lavena Ponte Tresa

Saturday, December 7, in  Lavena Ponte Tresa Town Hall's Council Chamber , there will be a first meeting between the representants of the Town of Lacedonia and Lavena Ponte Tresa, to decide together the possibility of a  useful twinning  between the two towns in the next future.

Lacedonia Mayor, Dr. Gerardo Palladino, glad of this initiative, sent the following letter to his colleague, the Mayor, Dr. Mina Grazia Donata, which we now gladly publish:

"Maybe it's  unnecessary to remark once again that the project of "Twinning" with your Town share the birthdate with this new Administration which it's an honor to me to represent since May 2001.
To be aware that it will be finally possible, through common will and intentions, it's  to us a great reason for satisfaction  and future commitment to a useful cooperation, in the interest of two communities that have always been close to each other and already, paradoxically, "linked together by family ties".
It's just for "my / yours residents", and also for my and your Town that I wish a major closeness, overcoming the space that keeps us apart  through new technologies and uniting our cultural, gastronomical and social traditions that, I am sure,  you are already aware of.
To further define what I said, I transfer  to you, dear colleague, all the joy of those who, upon hearing  the news, have already come here to thank me for the good purpose of the initiative.

The following are the names of all those who will be  gladly present on December 7 at our first meeting:
-Dr.Gerardo Palladino, Mayor of Lacedonia since May 13 2001.
-Rag. Domenico Megliola, economical programs assessor.
-Ins.Pietro Senese, public works and social politics assessor.
-Sig.Gianni Caggiano, Town counselor and local soccer team coach.
-Dr.Paolo Cocozzello, Town counselor, in Milan for "business".

Best Regards
the Mayor of Lacedonia
Dr.Gerardo Palladino


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