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The Cultural Club “La Cicogna” (“The Stork”) is happy to announce that today we activated a new service for all the many friends abroad (especially in the States) who have sent letters to us in the past.

They complain that they can’t speak Italian and so, consequently, they can’t read our news but they want so much to know about what’s going on in their ancestor’s lands and they are really interested in their land of origin.

The most important news concerning our small, loving town, together with the ones that can be of a social-cultural interest, will be translated, for our friends abroad.

This service will be offered by our kind assistant, Signora Stefania,  who has been living for years in the United States (New York City), but her origins are from Lacedonia, too.

We hope this would be a nice gift to all those who, anyway, for many months, have kept visiting our website, showing their love and nostalgia by sending us many e-mails.

For the rest of our Italian friends, the only change will be the knowledge that what they say will be understood also on the other side of the ocean.






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